Chronic Procrastination

Chronic Proca...

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More than just a simple case of procrastination. ChronicProcrastination dominates the life of the ChronicProcrastinator.
My recent dealings with ChronicProcrastination have brought me to the conclusion that I am not fully in control of my actions under all circumstances, as I once naively thought.

ChronicProcrastination stems from deep-seated fears which may not be consciously understood. These fears, such as fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, and a whole host of other irrational fears, evoke a sense of dread and hopelessness in the ChronicProcrastinator, which is the more obvious cause of the procrastination. Without addressing the deep fears, the dread will keep coming back, regardless of how much 'psyching up' the procrastinator tries.

Some strategies to overcome procrastination do not work for chronic procrastinators because they are targeted at helping to organize rather than at illuminating, understanding, and resolving the deep seated fears that cause chronic procrastination.

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I've heard of a link between ChronicProcrastination and AttentionDeficitDisorder.


That's a terrible joke, bear with me and I'll post a better one

The best thing about procrastination is that it pays off right away.

I'm a ChronicProcrastinator. I find procrastination to be a very AgileProcess. When confronted with a tedious task, I tell myself YouArentGonnaNeedIt, and often I don't. It's amazing how much more enjoyable life is when you DoTheSimplestThingThatCouldPossiblyWork....

Well, but the idea of procrastination is not that you do nothing - you just do the things that have the smallest barrier. Most of the time the important things make us afraid - this builds the barrier that makes us do the things we don't really need (DisplacementActivity). *lowershead* I am a ChronicProcrastinator too. And I have the impression that I am like always working, but really slowly moving on in reaching my goals. Anyway it depends on the goals you have. I can see that your way is the best if you just want a happy life - but not when you want something like "I want to climb the k2" or something. (I know that your reply wasn't fully serious - but I answered anyway)


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