Cleaning Wards Wiki

Cleaning Wards Wiki

CleaningWardsWiki to intended to harness our collective powers for WikiSpringCleaning and help to collaborate our efforts in the most productive means possible. If you've never read the InvitationToThePatternsList or Ward's initial PromptingStatement (or haven't done so in a while), it could really help to give you a better understanding of what Ward's original intentions were.


Cleanup our StartPages to improve the functionality and appearance of our writing environment and to provide vistors and WikiNewbies with a successful visit while promoting preservation of TheOriginalWiki. A successful visit is when the visitor is able to find the appropriate information at the most appropriate time.

Classify the wealth of information we already have into an easy to follow RoadMap such as the ExtremeProgrammingRoadmap. Classification helps to make sense of the information that wiki generates through brainstorming. Categories alone do not bring our pages together the way human-made classification does. The very process of classification will reduce duplication by pointing out like documents that could be brought together through WikiMagic.

Though functionally operative, WardsWiki has been effectively destroyed over the years and we should all help to improve it. WardsWiki (the page), is an excellent example of a page that is crying out for cleaning. Since many SisterSites point visitors to this particular page when referencing TheOriginalWiki, we should work together to make it shine.

A well-planned pattern will encourage new users and discourage WikiVandals in order to reduce the amount of cleanup work VolunteerHousekeepers perform daily.

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