Cody Boisclair

Sometimes known as "codeman38"-- I use my pseudonym on a lot of sites just because a lot of people know me that way, and I tried doing that here too, but it didn't go over very well. :-)

So what am I? I'm a graduate student in computer science at the University of Georgia, having recently obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in that same subject from Mercer University. MyMyersBriggsTypeIs INTP. I've been diagnosed with AttentionDeficitDisorder and AspergersSyndrome; on that latter note, I've been told I think like a computer, or a Vulcan, more times than I can count...

Little did my parents know when they named me that I'd end up being a programmer. How fitting. ::grin::

Oh, and my web site's at

I've never been diagnosed with AspergersSyndrome (although I was diagnosed as "hyperactive" before ADD and AS were in common parlance), but I've long suspected that I have it. I've often been told I think like a computer or a Vulcan, and most recently been labeled a LanguageAbuser. Welcome to Ward's Wiki. -- EricHodges

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