Cold War

Common Meaning:

An argument that never goes away. It simply fades into an unspoken animosity between two major groups of people. See: EmacsVsVi

Original Meaning:


A war, despite millions of people dying from hot weapons, called "Cold" as fear of MutuallyAssuredDestruction maintained agreement that the SovietUnion and the UnitedStates would never to use nuclear weapons against each other.

The ColdWar was also a winking agreement between the MilitaryIndustrialComplexes of the USA and USSR. They essentially colluded to make money selling weapons in proxy wars, and selling nukes to their own governments, and colluded to defuse each instance of DeferredViolence? before it escallated.

Many real battles were indirectly fought between the two nations during this period, usually through the covert support of rival regimes. For example, the UnitedStates and SovietUnion had diametrically opposed goals for GermanyCountry. The SovietUnion wanted to weaken Germany so it could never fight back, and they succeeded. On the other side of the Berlin Wall, the buffer/kill zone which Western Germany maintained wasn't in Western Germany, it was in Eastern Germany. So from the SovietUnion's perspective, the West's actions were indistinguishable from a prelude to full-out assault. Some feel that the ColdWar was called off because TheBestIsTheEnemyOfTheGood.

I think page is useful as a "warring antipattern" -- dl

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