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A newsgroup discussing C++.

Since '96 regulars have been keeping it clean with bounce messages.

Funny group sometimes.

Homework is fair game, but the only thing worse is copying in a take-home exam: PhlipsCppHomeworkReply.

Good source of C++ FAQage.

The standard admonition to students who try to defy the advice of their professors to "not make data members public" is that they should not "want to make them public". They should provide minimal interfaces.

 > I have also found this approach useful for defining a hierarchy of property
 > types.  This allows me to have properties that cache values in different
 > ways, defer updates until a later time, etc. 
In your case you have a real reason; it backs up that 'graph. But you don't say _why_ you do this to lowly properties. What's the real motivation?

-- Phlip

Reveal: OverloadingCommaOperator.

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