Component Based Development

While vendors, magazine publishers, industry analysts, motorcycle racers and ex-convicts are rushing to induct ComponentBasedDevelopment (CBD) into the buzzword Hall of Fame, CBD has gained lots of momentum in the information technology industry.

Practitioners familiar with TheCraft can encapsulate their work in physical parts, providing components that can be reused by consumers. Interface is separated from implementation and components are flexible to change. See BradAppleton's links on Component Technology [1].

[This page is one of the ten SoftwareManagementPrinciples]

See also BlackBoxComponentry and SuperDistribution.

And AreComponentsObjects?

The August 1998 PlopConference inspired a project focused on discovering recurring themes in CBD called ComponentDesignPatterns. Its inception is deliberately wiki, and folks are encouraged to contribute.

Something else to look at in wiki that's got a similar flavor is WebsitePatterns and JavaIdioms. One could argue that there is a lot of overlap between these two wiki projects and ComponentDesignPatterns once you start getting into the world of scriptlets, JavaBeans, EnterpriseJavaBeans, and other technologies.

-- PhilipEskelin

I'm starting a new conversation on DistributionIdioms. These are things that aren't quite worthy of being included in ComponentDesignPatterns because they may be workarounds in a particular technology, or because they're very low-level.


Implementation Technologies:
A lot of times ViewSource? in x3d is not available, the following dos-prompt command can retreive the code:


Then type the .wrl file to see a local version.

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