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The project's inception is based from a pattern PhilipEskelin authored that was workshopped at PlopConference in August 1998. Feedback and multiple beer conversations inspired the idea of creating a ComponentDesignPatterns language that captures recurring themes in ComponentBasedDevelopment and presents them in a language.

Then, there was an interesting discussion about authors who write patterns books without exposing them to the patterns community (and/or performing adequate research) in the OrgPatterns mailing list. This helped create the idea of having the formative stages of our project based on the WikiWikiWeb.

In September 1998, KyleBrown started contributing interesting experiences to patterns like ContainerIndependence and AcidCommand, and even went as far as adding a ConnectionFlyweight pattern to ConnectionPatterns. After much coercing and desperate begging ;-), PhilipEskelin persuaded him to continue contributing to the project as an author. Kyle's a Senior Java Architect at IBM, an author of DesignPatternsSmalltalkCompanion, and currently working on CrossingChasms.

Also in September, NatPryce started proposing a few patterns loosely related to his AbstractSessionPattern workshopped at EuroPLoP 97. Nat is finishing his PhD at Imperial College in the UK, and is primarily focusing on distributed component models. His focus on lower level systems -- mechanisms on dynamic transport protocol selection for inter-component bindings, and complex component interactions on them -- further complements the team with emphasis on bleeding edge CBD research. And his extensive Java (Nat's also a regular on JavaIdioms) and COM experience has been valuable to the language's evolution as well.

At that point, Nat, Kyle and Philip continued exploring existing and new ideas for patterns that seemed like they might fit into the language, and much valuable feedback and discussion continued to occur on Wiki.

Then, in early December, PhilipEskelin visited a group of consultants at a Wall Street consulting firm called MicroModeling? Associates [1], who hold weekly patterns meetings, to discuss ComponentDesignPatterns (slides can be accessed here: [2]). The problem and forces the language was attempting to resolve were discussed. LayeredFrameworks, CookbookApproach, and CautiousBuyOverBuild were discussed in detail.

Around the same time, after proposing a Hot Topic on ComponentDesignPatterns, it was accepted into ChiliPLoP'99, and a call for participation [3] went out mid-December.

In late January, while RFPs for the ChiliPLoP'99 conference were being collected, NatPryce held a discussion at the LondonArchitectureGroup. They addressed the similarities and differences between objects and components, and object and component frameworks. In addition, ThirdPartyBinding, LayeredFrameworks, and AbstractInteractions were discussed.

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