Compound Wiki Word

A notion which can allow information manipulation in a WikiWithMoreThanPages and a WikiWithMoreThanUsers ThinkingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20110914
A WikiWord is WordsSmashedTogether?, while a CompoundWikiWord is WikiWords Separated By Specfic Nonblank Delimiters.The string above, following the italic phrase, is an example of one using the dot (.) as the delimiter.

The GoodThing about such a notion is that it can be used as a MeaningfulName in a URI. It also can be manipulated to form collections named by any of its constituent WikiWords, including collections based on any reordering of one or more of its parts: The use of CompoundWikiWords can indicate other things and provide for other kinds of things, including such things making possible a WikiWithMoreThanUsers

To make these thing possible, CompoundWikiWords would be processed using a WikiQueryLanguage (WQL). An unimplemented (as yet) in any WikiEngine I know.


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