Continuous Testing

I was surprised when this one came up as not being already in wiki. It may have a WikiSynonym. The idea is that in XP (as I understand it) you're continuously testing your programs so that you've always got something working. This is the only thing that can save yourself when you RefactorMercilessly.


See ContinuousIntegrationRelentlessTesting

Check out a continual integration/build tool named CruiseControl at . The guys over at ThoughtWorks were nice enough to release this application that monitors your source control system and when a file is changed, automatically rebuilds your application and runs the tests. --AngusMezick

Similar to CruiseControl but offering more functionality and features is AntHill Build Management Server (also open source)

[An Eclipse tool to do Automated Continuous JUnit Testing -- ]

I am doing research on pushing the envelope even farther on rapid testing feedback. See AutomatedContinuousTesting. --DavidSaff

I believe there are two different things going on here: CruiseControl and AntHill are for ContinuousIntegration: ensuring that the work of multiple developers builds and works together. ContinuousTesting (analogous to, and named in parallel to, the ContinuousCompilation? feature of some IDEs) is for running tests on the work of a single developer. Also, some company has trademarked "Continuous Testing", which to them means a service that runs user-simulation tests on your web site. -- DaveSchweisguth?


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