Cs Stands For Computer Studies

To end the endless and often mindless debates of Is Computer Science, I suggest the adoption of the term CS to become: ComputerStudies.

I would further suggest that ComputerStudies be employed in a forum which does not require the use of a Computer, and that notes and observations, calculations and manipulations be done using the old-fashioned pencil and paper, and ordinary addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Any thing more elaborate than that should be studied within a separate MathStudies? area.

That would help in ReducingCarbonFootprint of those involved in ComputerScience. (grin)

A separate course, or perhaps two courses should employ the computer hardware and software tools as demonstration or laboratory experiments which would validate theories and demonstrate methodologies. They should not be courses in programming languages, or favor platforms based on hardware, since they come out in new models every month or six.

ComputerStudies should be about how computers can assist a human in doing stuff efficiently and accurately.

-- ThinkingOutLoud DonaldNoyes.20080329.2015.m05

Perhaps this strategy could clarify other areas often using the term Science, when what is really involved is a disciplined and directed study of a area under consideration. SocialStudies?, AstronomicalStudies?, WeatherStudies?, PhysicalArtifactStudies?, HumanRelationshipStudies?, etcEtcetera.
Computer Studies is a popular name for university-level general computing programmes in the UK, which often consist of a mix of computer science, software engineering, and related topics like systems management, human-computer interface design and the social impact of computing.

"Studies" is redundant for a university major name.

Maybe, but it would be a bit odd to get a degree in "BSc. (Hons) Computer".

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