Cubic Web

CubicWeb is a software tool for the SemanticWeb. It is a semantic web application framework which enables the user to write elements in PythonLanguage to add to elements (called cubes) which already exist.

Latest release 3.15.9 (January 31, 2013)

There are versions for Linux and Windows and several ways of downloading and configuring it.

The default choice for the database is PostgreSql.

It has a choice for text between WYSIWIG and ReStructuredText.

It makes use of JavaScriptObjectNotation (JSON).
At the moment this is a good example of how difficult it is to do ContinuousOutegration. I am very keen to get an installation working and have found considerable difficulty getting things working on UbuntuLinux. This was because the distribution had not been kept uptodate with changes of dependencies, althought this has now been remedied. After quite a lot of help I now have something approaching working systems for a blog and a wiki. I appreciate the difficulties of doing this when the focus is on software development. I also appreciate the positive engagement from the development team at Logilab. I want to use this as a tool for LiterateProgrammingAndTheSemanticWeb. -- JohnFletcher
I like this! -- DonaldNoyes
I have returned to this after some time doing other things and find that in the interim there have been upgrades to a lot of the components and now some things don't work and it is hard to get a fully compatible system. I want very much to like this as there is a lot of potential but it needs a lot of effort to understand how things work. I need my copy of ProgrammingPython for this and I am not a PythonLanguage person. -- JohnFletcher
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