Curt Sampson

I'm a Haskell programmer working for Starling Software in Tokyo:

My previous jobs have included a couple of years with a consulting company, training a team (and a manager!) in ExtremeProgramming and building an enterprise application for a client, and a couple of years building a multilingual web site. Both jobs involved a lot of Java, though by the end I was getting rather annoyed with the limitations of the language. I shortly thereafter abandoned Java entirely for Ruby which, while much better for a good programmer, still has many limitations. These days I do as much as possible in HaskellLanguage.

I also contribute to NetBsd. Most of my projects have used certain precepts of extreme programming, such as never checking in anything that doesn't build and run. Blink did a new release about once a week, and NetBsd, whilst releasing relatively rarely, has many developers and users running `current' code (i.e., that at the head of the source tree), even on production systems.

You can reach me at Anything I contribute to this Wiki is placed in the public domain by me as of the date of contribution; take it and do with it what you wish.


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