Cutter Testing Framework

CategoryTesting: TestingFramework for the CeeLanguage

Cutter is an Unit Testing Framework for C. Cutter uses GLib as base utility library.

Features: See for more details.

An example test for stack from tutorial:
 #include <cutter.h>
 #include <stack.h>

void test_new_stack (void); void test_push (void); void test_pop (void);

static Stack *stack;

void setup (void) { stack = NULL; }

void teardown (void) { if (stack) stack_free(stack); }

void test_new_stack (void) { stack = stack_new(); cut_assert(stack_is_empty(stack)); }

void test_push (void) { stack = stack_new(); cut_assert_equal_int(0, stack_get_size(stack)); stack_push(stack, 100); cut_assert_equal_int(1, stack_get_size(stack)); cut_assert(!stack_is_empty(stack)); }

void test_pop (void) { stack = stack_new();

stack_push(stack, 10); stack_push(stack, 20); stack_push(stack, 30);

cut_assert_equal_int(3, stack_get_size(stack)); cut_assert_equal_int(30, stack_pop(stack)); cut_assert_equal_int(2, stack_get_size(stack)); cut_assert_equal_int(20, stack_pop(stack)); cut_assert_equal_int(1, stack_get_size(stack));

stack_push(stack, 40); cut_assert_equal_int(2, stack_get_size(stack)); cut_assert_equal_int(40, stack_pop(stack)); cut_assert_equal_int(1, stack_get_size(stack)); cut_assert_equal_int(10, stack_pop(stack)); cut_assert_equal_int(0, stack_get_size(stack)); cut_assert(stack_is_empty(stack)); }

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