Dan Novak

An employee of GeneralPhysics (as opposed to GeneralDynamics? or GeneralTsosChicken?).

I mostly work with MicroSoft development tools, including MicrosoftAccess, VisualBasic, ActiveServerPages, and VisualBasicDotNet.

I've had much success applying ExtremeProgramming to these tools, but still run into a bind applying unit testing to GUI's. Putting everything into objects helps (Forms in both MicrosoftAccess and VisualBasic are a flavor of class module), but there are some quirks that makes doing this difficult.

Now that we have a testing framework for VBA (i.e. Access) I'm dying to integrate it into my development efforts.

Working with VisualStudioDotNet is such a joy; things like inheritance, more consistent syntax, and the fact that it's much more of an object-oriented language than the old Visual Basic make it a great pleasure to work with.

The fact that there are very good unit test frameworks for it are a point in its favor too.


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