Dang Griffith

A.K.A. Dang Dude

I am a former Certified PowerBuilder Instructor, and former certified Sun/SunOS/Solaris system administrator.

I'm currently an Applications Software Programmer for NorthropGrumman? Information Technology (http://www.northropgrumman.com/).

I'm certainly not anti-agile, but I have personal experience with successfully completing the SEI PersonalSoftwareProcess (PSP) course, and being part of a team to use this knowledge and what is usually called a "heavyweight" process to complete a multi-year project under budget and schedule, all the while fielding changing requirements. In late 2002, we were one of the teams who helped NorthropGrumman? achieve CMMI level 5. Many years later (2013), I have to say that it's commitment from management that makes it sustainable.

In 2007, I will be developing an approach for using TestDrivenDevelopment (TDD) in a PersonalSoftwareProcess environment.

I have enjoyed many years of PowerBuilder and OracleDatabase development, and used both in developing a multi-tier web application.

I have many years of programming in pre-CeePlusPlus/ANSI CeeLanguage.

I'm currently loving PythonLanguage (but who isn't?), and use it frequently to parse code and data files for review (e.g., finding defects) and action (e.g., converting from SqlServer data and TransactSql code to OracleDatabase data and PlSql).


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