Daniel Church

There seem to be a lot of us. I'm separating my own original entry from the individual citations that followed, to make this slightly more understandable. -- Daniel Church (of College Park, Maryland, USA)

Just got here from http://alsa.opensrc.org and I was instantly amazed... I saw documentation, precious knowledge, and opinions on a site with a link saying "Edit this page". I didn't understand how something like this could work, no registration or usernames or anything. It certainly works, though... and I've gotten hooked on it.

I saw something similar at EverythingTwo, but this is just so much more relaxed. I've already bookmarked a few edits I want to make (decided to write my own HomePage first, though), and I have to say I'm truly impressed.

Oh, and I've found myself tangenting more heavily than I could have expected through WikiWiki, and I often find myself hitting Back ten to twelve times just to get back to what I was originally reading, if not forget about it entirely... anyone else HaveThisPattern?

(Yeah, I made myself a TreeBrowse? tool http://siggma.net/treebrowse -- StijnSanders)

and about yourself . . .

Right, right... I put this up with no sleep whatsoever, let's try this again.

I am a ComputerScience major at the University of Maryland, College Park. I program mostly in CeeLanguage, PhpLanguage, and ToolCommandLanguage (TclTk), on whatever personal projects look interesting to me, of which there are many.

And in other news, I've created my own WikiWikiWeb out of a combination of boredom, PhpLanguage, and a need for a good artwork forum. It's not as fully-featured as this one, but it seems to work at its job, i.e. creating a space for artists to display their work and get comments on it. It also has a few restrictions on what parts of it can be edited. I'd love some comments on it; if anyone has the time, visit FlouriWiki and let me know (or even better, leave comments) what you think of it.


No (known) relation to: RobertChurch

Who added this? I don't believe I'm related to this RobertChurch, but correct me if I'm wrong... -- DanielChurch

RobertChurch did. :) Pleased to meet you, Daniel. I intended the link as a little joke. I hope you didn't mind too much.

Not at all! It's always interesting to meet people with your last name. -- DC

Edit: Forget about sharing the same surname, my name is also Daniel Church :) djc@djcsystems.com.au

Greetings to all Daniel Church's out there! I just thought I'd see if there were any more of me in the world. Welcome from Australia. dachurch?@tpg.com.au

Hello all my name is also Daniel Church Im from the UK My E-Mail address is Danuii@aol.com Hello to all you Church's out there

Daniel Church here in San Diego California JetsToKnowhere?@gmail.com

I,m also Daniel Church of Essex, England. Can't believe theres so many of us ! !

I'm Daniel Church, from Massachussets, U.S.A. CrazyNorman?@GMail.com, and I'm wicked ill! By the way, I'm going to take over the world, so you better Give Dan Money (tm).

I'm Daniel Church from Germany, 18... funny, my fathers name is also Robert Church

This is weeeird... I'm Daniel Church from California and my brother's name is Robert Church
Hello from Danny Church in Queensland in Australia....hellooooo CategoryHomePage

I'm another....Daniel Church from Monrovia Maryland

Hi There! Just dropped on to this site - out of curiosity mor than anything else. Can't believe there are so many around the globe! I'm Danny Church [not Daniel] from Bakewell, Derbyshire in the UK..... You'll find me on facebook!

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