David De Lis

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Despite the votation about patentable software has been repeatedly turned down by the European Parliament, lobbies are still trying to push it into European citizens through their power over the the European Comission. Please support a Free of Software Patents Europe. Software and scientific data patents will only benefit the bigger companies (most of them of foreign to EU interests) and undermine the efforts of the small companies and FreeSoftware programmers, as well as independent scientific researches at Public Universities and Research Centers. Please support the AntiSoftwarePatents innitiative.

http://petition.eurolinux.org http://petition.eurolinux.org

Born in 1973, in Spain, Physicist, JustaProgrammer, and proud of it.

Languages of choice and like include PerlLanguage and RubyLanguage. Affairs with ErlangLanguage, SchemeLanguage and LispLanguage (including NewLisp), plus HaskellLanguage (and Pugs). Many others like CeeLanguage, CeePlusPlus, PythonLanguage, and newer ones like ScalaLanguage, etc...

Non-computer related interests include playing spanish guitar, and the ocarina, which I can also make. It's a very rewarding experience! I also enjoy reading and writing Historical Novels.

My MyersBriggs code is ENFP (but I got 50% E and 50% I with the KeiserTemperamentSorter?)

I can be hired to work in Galicia, Spain; if you are interested, please leave me a message below, thanks!




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