David Glasser

Hi, I just found this place. I program InteractiveFiction in the TadsLanguage, and this site seems like a good place for discussion.

Email me at mailto:dsglasser@hotmail.com.

-- DavidGlasser

Well, as long as the discussion has to do with patterns... :-) -- MarnixKlooster

Of course. I'm still trying to understand what patterns are. Can you get more examples up on the page please please pretty please? It seems helpful to IF, but we need a better example or two.--DavidGlasser

There are patterns all over the place. You just need to see what one looks like then you'll notice all the links. For development patterns, connect to JimCoplien's http://www.bell-labs.com/cgi-user/OrgPatterns/OrgPatterns, I have a little pattern set locked in an article on a design technique called EndGame, which may be similar to what IF would want: http://members.aol.com/acockburn/papers/endgame.htm. Also, try to find the pattern language from the PatternLanguageOfPrograms? (PLOP) 1996, on patterns in teaching. I think you would find that very useful as a base set of patterns for writing good IF.

cheers, AlistairCockburn

Okay, here's a great pattern: HandsInView I think it is a great example of what a pattern is and can be. It conforms to the given format for a pattern, and is rather universal--you should easily be able to understand the 'forces' involved since in pertains to skiing ;-)

Okay, I've been busy. In addition to fleshing out the Transporter pattern on the InteractiveFictionPatterns? page, which I'm not all that happy with, but is at least relatively simple, I've also written a new pattern, InteractiveFictionPuzzleHint?, which I am much more happy with, but is relatively complex. Let me know what you think, then write some of your own! --LucianSmith

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