De Fenestration

Defenestration- the ancient Czech method of deposing a beloved and inspiring (despised and disgusting) prime minister by the popular and spontaneous ejection of said worthy from a third storey or higher window. Often immediately followed by spontaneous discovery by many persons of the impacted body with several witnesses to the effect that they were elsewhere with said witnesses until they heard the dramatic THUD on the ground, then they went to investigate the cause. This circumstance usually is followed by brief taking of depositions of the witnesses, then a remarkably well-stocked and provisioned and totally spontaneous party where nominations are offered in a remarkably orderly manner for a replacement.

Note that repeated occurrences may well inspire some paranoid and suspicious souls into thinking there is a conspiracy afoot. The Russian saying is that Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, but three times is a conspiracy. Read and learn. And vary your methods. AMAZINGLY remarkable coincidences are possible. Remember well, shit happens. Note also the depth of paranoia some persons harbor. This IN ITSELF is a useful tool. One need not ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING if one is gifted at the art of mindgames. The blessed prizewinners will progressively do it to themselves as you gently fan the flames of their paranoia. A fiendish and brilliant mind, several willing co-conspirators, and a unified desire to edit the personnel roster will in time work their evil in an artistic and joyous manner.

-- KirkBailey

I thought defenestration was the act of removing Windows from your computer. -- DonaldFisk

No, defenestration occurs when you get so fed up that you remove your computer from the Windows. -- RickSamuels


Defenestration: the word of choice for people trying to show that they have a large vocabulary.

Or to show that they are science fiction fans and have read the classic ArthurCeeClarke story "The Defenestration of Ermintrude Inch"

More the word of choice for people trying to show they have a large vocabulary --- when they don't.

Oh, yeah? My LlanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllLlantysiliogogogoch is bigger than yours! Silly rabbit: A large word does a large vocabulary make!

Scary big words! HUG ME! (from if anyone wants to know)

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