Decorator Wiki

A DecoratorWiki is not a wiki which looks nice (perish the thought!), but rather one built to be part of the DecoratorPattern, as a decorator of another wiki (the 'basis' wiki). Essentially, each page consists of the appropriate page from the basis wiki (by TransClusion), followed by text specific to the decorator. It's a specialised form of WebAnnotation.

The motivation for this is to allow OnceAndOnlyOnce to apply across wikis; if i run a wiki for, say, cycling in LondonTown, i'm going to have a lot of general content on London, which would be redundant with that in the the OpenGuideToLondon, which would be bad. However, if i ran it as a DecoratorWiki, i could use the Open Guide as my basis, thus immediately taking advantage of all its content ForFree. Moreover, a lot of fact-oriented wikis could be based on Wikipedia; the scope of the latter is so broad that it will inevitably overlap with them.

Implementation details:

Does this sound like it would work?

With a dense enough web of decoration, you get some way towards an InterWiki.


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