Delphi Unit

DUnit is a port of the TestingFramework to BorlandDelphi's ObjectPascal. The DUnit project lives at SourceForge.

You can find DUnit following the links: and

Originally based on port of JUnit by JuancoAnez, it includes work from ChrisMorris, JeffMoore? and other developers in the DUnit Group, and will include work from SergeBeaumont who did another DelphiUnit (currently hosted at the XProgramming

HoldenGlova and a colleague are also working on a port of the TestingFramework, but there's currently no URL (try HoldenGlova).

As of at least RAD Studio 2010 this is included as a standard part of Delphi. The IDE can generate a project with test cases for selected methods in a .pas file.

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