Demand For Evidence

It seems to be a recurrent theme here that someone makes a statement that seems perfectly reasonable, someone else demands a reference to support the claim, and then there is no reply.

I'm starting to wonder if this is a smell, that it shows there's a genuine question to answer, but that the two sides are sufficiently entrenched that they will argue past each other rather than trying to find the truth.

I don't know how common this really is, although I feel like I see it a lot. Some I've run across lately are on See if you can find more examples, and maybe identifying the pattern (although it might not be a Pattern, AntiPattern or even anti-pattern) will help to generate more light than heat.

Somebody has been sticking this in my text of late.

Wow, and who is the one always wanting proof and evidence... Top is. Always claiming for someone to prove it or show for it. Hmm.

I have at least these problems with it:


In other words, it is okay for Top to demand proof (which has been provided) from others, but when Top is asked to show many (any) evidences or third party references - ha! No - Top has experience and we are to take his word for it.

If I claim that Foo is objectively better than Bar, then I am obligated to provide evidence. But, I haven't. Therefore, your criticism does not apply. --top

On the other hand, if you claim that Foo is better than Bar, and insist other people prove you wrong, then you are obligated to provide evidence. (Qualifier, not specifically directed at top)

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