Design As You Go

A DesignMethod where design is interactive, where the designer interacts with the design, perceiving it and comparing it to a template or a mental image of its ImaginedDesign, making adjustments to both.

The ActionPursued is to make the design approach the image. It is more like fashioning an object like a blob of clay rather than applying different colors of paint to a canvas, even though some facets of both creative works are included.

The imagined or real pattern, being it a figure, like model, or a sketch, or an outline, or a bunch of CRC cards or stories, or an image clearly or not so clearly imagined in your mind is compared with the WorkingInstance of that image. Then adjustments, rearrangements, dependencies, interactions, and appearances are applied to reshape the WorkingModel.

It is the application of ContinuousTesting of the imagined with the real, the pattern with the object created from it. It does however have the added dimension and complication of a ChangingPattern or Model. The DesignRequirements, the UserRequirements, the ProcessRequirements, the EnvironmentRequirements, will change, forcing adjustments and modifications in the OngoingDesign.

See ContinuousDesign UniversalCatalog

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