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Hi, this is Dirck Blaskey's page on C2, WardsWiki.

I've been a professional programmer for (mumblemumble) years, and currently have my own business, DanbalaSoftware ( http://www.danbala.com ).

Most of that experience has been in C, but now my primary language interests are Python and C++.

The application domain I have the most experience with is ProjectManagement. Most of my current work is either with MicrosoftAccess, or PDF and Postscript related projects using C/C++. For various reasons, one of the projects uses a home-grown C With Objects toolset instead of C++ (I have permission to publish this if anyone is interested).

Other areas of interest include LiterateProgramming, DesignPatterns, DevelopmentProcessControl, and CorporateMemory.

The PythonLanguage is my LanguageOfChoice, where appropriate. I've written a number of tools in Python, including some LiterateProgramming tools, and I actively use it for building test frameworks for C/C++ code, as well.
The coder's creed:

Virtual Graffiti: http://www.danbala.com/dirck
Wiki is very cool, but so far a bit overwhelming. It seems quite chaotic. Lots of cool stuff, but no 'top'. Of course, Real systems have no top. It is a great time-waster, though (checking the clock).

Hi Dirck, if you only had time for one part of Wiki, I'd start with ExtremeProgramming. -- ChrisBaugh

I've been lost in here for a couple of hours - was just reading XpAsReligion. Great picture of WardAndKent :^)

note: that used to be a picture of Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins.
[8/1/01db] Just 'finished' a QuickAndDirty? LateNightHack?, IckyWiki. Inspired by the ShortestWikiContest. If it still seems like a good idea in the daylight, I'll add a reference there.

[8/2/01db] Too late, NickBensema already put one in there :)
Thought I'd add my coder's creed, maybe it's worth commenting on:

Thanks for the {}.get() idea Dirck.

Dirck, keep the Python posts coming. I enjoy your commentary. The Ruby guys are bringing up lots of interesting questions. -- SteveHowell

I second the motion. (And I'm one of the bad guys. ;) --AdamSpitz

Naw, you're not one of the bad guys - just misguided -- dB^)
5/6/2002 Guess I've been missing all the latest interesting Python posts. Send me a ping if something exciting happens!

Are you the same Dirck who attended SBVC with Guido and company in the early 80's? Any news from Patel?


Hey Rich!

Yeah, that's me. As far as I know Patel still owns the motel on alabama, but i haven't talked to him in many years. he and marty had some kind of falling out....

do you remember kevin hagel? he graduated from csusb in june, with a BS in CS. he's working at some off-the-wall company in Pasadena, the "California Credits Group".

i didn't realize you were still up at csusb. i think the last time i saw you up there, you were showing me your cool new macintosh plus.

those were the days...

Yes, I am Obvious Man, master of the Obvious!

Obvious Man http://www.non-sequitur.com/

Oh, no, my secret identity is out! http://www.flash.net/~ambrai/scabs/lyrics/beatomatic.html


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