Don Box

Known by many affectionately as "the Crown Prince of COM." Co-founder of DevelopMentor, former columnist at CppReport, and contributing editor to MicrosoftSystemsJournal. Considered by many to be the most knowledgeable person on ComponentObjectModel on the planet.

Author of EssentialCom (ISBN 0-201-63446-5 ); EffectiveCom (ISBN 0-201-37968-6 ) with KeithBrown, TimEwald, and ChrisSells; Essential .NET (ISBN 0-201-73411-7 ); and Essential XML (ISBN 0-201-70914-7 ).

Now, one of the main designers of the SimpleObjectAccessProtocol, he is known for his stunts at conferences such as TechEd Europe 2001, where he presented while sitting semi-naked in a bath of soap bubbles.

Don left DevelopMentor in November 2001. Most of Don's core team left shortly thereafter. The highest concentration of DM expats is MicroSoft and PluralSight.

Don joined Microsoft in 2002 as an Architect on the MicrosoftIndigo project, which begat (amongst other things) WCF.

Don worked on the EmLanguage with ClemensSzyperski, ChrisAnderson, ChrisSells, and other less famous but more talented developers. While working on data and modeling stuff, he led the engineering team that produces OData, EDM, Entity Framework, and the Visual Studio support that ships with SQL Server "Denali."

Don now works in the interactive entertainment division, which is a fancy way of saying he joined the Xbox team.

See "Don Box's Spoutlet" at .

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