Dot Net Compact Framework

A subset of the MicrosoftDotNet Framework that is designed to run on PocketPc and other WinCe and WindowsMobile devices.

Missing several features of the full .NET Framework, such as: Compact Framework (CF) apps can currently only be developed using VisualStudioDotNet 2003.

To fill the "gaps" between the Full Framework and the Compact Framework, see the work done by (, especially the Smart Device Framework.

Version 2 due ?mid 2005

It is getting closer to the desktop version, including new features such as new browser control, datetime picker control, MSMQ, ComInterOp (RCW), XpathLanguage support, Xml Serialization to CeeSharpLanguage, serial port support, generics, etc.

There is supposedly an SDK so 3rd tools can be hooked up.

Baseline requirements include VisualStudioWhidbey, and PocketPc 2003. Note the "Express editions" will not support DotNetCompactFramework

MS FAQ at Mar04 Chat transcript at

A May05 article on development tools is available at

What about SmartPhone support? How is that different from WindowsMobile

Also confused with the activities by people like Neil Cowburn, who complained about lack of ManagedCeePlusPlus on the compact platform. Are these people working on "flash-in-the-pan" solutions?

Future directions (not in V2)

WS-* support, sensitivity to transient networks with different bandwidths

Comments on workaround needed, without ServiceOrientedArchitecture support in V2 at


See development experience paper by KyleCordes at

When I took training classes on the Compact Framework, it was mainly a week spent listing all the things it can't do and workarounds for them. It's pretty minimal, and there is very little optimization done. An especially egregious offender is the Image class. by
JavaPlatform connectivity

It appears one (only alternative is the elusive WebServices) option exists if there is a JavaPlatform server using RMI needs to be connected, and it requires a commercial product called MinCor?, using a CorbaComponentModel based interface. See Dec04 article at

The above method will work with a JavaTwoEnterpriseEdition server, see example at

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