Dot Net Development Methods

In a few months MicrosoftDotNet will be celebrating its fourth year of existence. A new version DotNetFramework, supported by VisualStudioWhidbey will become a reality. And major enhancements in CsharpLanguage and VbDotNet is expected as well.

Presumably DotNet will be "coming of age" soon, now that Whidbey has reached "Released to Manufacturing" RTM status.

Within the new "Enterprise version" of VisualStudioWhidbey (called Team Foundation server) there are supposed to be two SDLC process templates. These are: The above information taken from Jun05 blog at, and represents what the vendor thinks the users and managers of the DotNetPlatform needed.

Has the DotNet community gravitated towards any systematic approach to addressing the SystemsDevelopmentLifeCycle yet? I am interested in information on what "system development method(s)" are in use in small to medium inhouse DotNet shops. -- DavidLiu

I'll offer two nearly insignificant data points from the DotNet community, whatever that is:
CategoryDotNet CategoryDiscussion aiming for CategoryMethodology and CategoryEnterpriseComputingConcerns later

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