Dot Net Two

DotNetTwo consists of a family of products supporting MicrosoftDotNet version 2 that was released in late 2005.

This version of DotNet has also been known as Whidbey. The code name has been more commonly associated with VisualStudioWhidbey, but is also used to refer the 2.0 release of CommonLanguageRuntime (core of the DotNetFramework) as well.

Also included in this family is the SqlServerYukon (delivered), and upcoming BizTalk2006.

In between the initial DotNet and DotNetTwo, there was a 1.1 release that was code named Everett. The major achievement of Everett was in functionalities related to the DotNetCompactFramework (e.g. integration of Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit).

DotNetFramework improvements in DotNetTwo

WebServicesExtensions (version 3) is now integrated into the framework

TeamOffice and related DevelopmentMethodology? introduced in VisualStudio

Support for GenericProgramming and DynamicMethods? in the CLR

Beyond DotNetTwo

VisualStudioOrcas, WindowsCommunicationFoundation (formerly known as MicrosoftIndigo), WindowsWorkflowFoundation, WindowsPresentationFoundation

At times, some of the products are referred to as V-next.


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