Drinking Game

Typically they are games designed to provide excuses for drinking. For example, the loser of each round has to drink a beer. Of course, once you start losing, it becomes harder and harder to keep up...

You may be interested in the JakobNielsen drinking game, at http://www.rc3.org/clips/nielsen_drinking_game.html, that seems to be a hardcore variant of the game.

Alternatively, the loser may remove a piece of clothing instead of having another drink.

In "Clap Clap Rhyme", everyone sits in a circle and claps together in the following rhythm: clap-clap-pause, clap-clap-pause. During each pause the participants take turns to say a word. The word must either rhyme with the previous one, or begin with the same letter. A participant loses for hesitation, or if they say a noncompliant word, or if they say any word beginning with the letter "B". The clap-rhythm soon becomes hypnotic, and the situation when someone frantically struggles to come up with a word in time, then fluffs it, is rather entertaining.

I know it sounds corny when described that way.

Now, is there a way to turn GolfForGeeks into a drinking game?

Golf is already a great drinking game.

We play that game by a different name in new york. We also devised one called chili dog which plays out on a pool tabel.

Play 3-7 players or so, rack a diamond like "4-ball" the 2-4-6 & 8. The marked chili-dog breaks and then tries to sink them in order 2-4-6-8. anything on the break that goes in counts for nothing but is one less on the table.

Count the total shotys to clear the four balls, not including the break. Any balls sunk in order add 1 ball to the other player break in their attempt to sink the chili dog.]

I i am the mark and sink the 2-4...then shoot the 8 and not the 6 next (due to positioning) then 2 balls are added to their table. If i sank all the balls in 3 shots total, and got the first two in order, the rest of the table has 2 extra balls (2-4-6-8 9&10) and 3 shots to sink them all.

If someone manages to do it in 3 or less in this case the chili dogg changes hands to them, and the dogg who got sank hit off our funnel. as in http://www.stackcheck.com

Generally it takes a few rounds to sink the current dogg and change hands.

Players unable to sink the dog drink '1' for every ball still on the table after each subsequent shot. If i sink 2-4-6 with my first three shots, my next shot will cost me 2 drinks, and continue to cost the numbe of balls on the table till its clear.

Everyone gets a turn to try to sink the current dogg, if he survives he leads off again.

Here's a dutch drinking game we call "Foo". Pretty complicated when you're sober, let alone when you've been playing it for some time. You can't play this game if you got a total of 7 people playing, so make sure you count them BEFORE you play.

One player starts by saying "1". The next player says "2" and so on. But here comes the tricky part. Whenever you would say a number that contains "7" or is a multiple of 7, he says "Foo" instead. If he fails to do so, and the other players notice it, they yell at him or something, and he has to drink a beer, and he starts counting from 1 again.

If you have 7 people there or you played this game too much and you know the numbers by heart, you could pick any other number. It's better to pick a high number, so you don't end up saying "Foo" 10 times in a row when if you chose 1.

I played this game as a schoolboy (as a non-drinking game); it was called Buzz. It was a math game - you'd start with the '7' rule (saying "Buzz" instead of "Foo"), and then add rules as the game progressed - e.g. "Bizz" for prime numbers, "Beep" for perfect squares, "Bork" for powers of 2, etc., so 63 would be "Buzz" then 64 would be "Beep-Bork", etc., until you were up in the 300s with a dozen rules to remember. I think my head would implode if I tried it now. -- MikeSmith

We play this (to drink) as Fizz-Buzz. Fizz was 3, Buzz was 5. 30-40 gets a little crazy. We made it to 40 on a skiing holiday earlier this year.

Alternatively, the SelfModifyingGame of 21 is good fun. Each player takes it in turn to say one, two or three numbers, e.g. 1,2; 3,4,5; 6; 7,8,9; ...

Whoever is forced to say 21 (and it's surprisingly easy to fix it) has to drink the rest of their drink and make a new rule. The rule can be anything, as long as a majority of participants agree. Examples of good rules would be swapping 5 and 7 (so it goes ...4,7,6,5,8...); or physical rules, such as having to slap your thigh instead of saying PrimeNumbers.

Variations include changing direction if someone says two numbers, or skipping a person on 3 numbers. Anybody who screws up drinks a penalty (usually two fingers of their pint), and we start again at 1 (or whatever it's masquerading as by this point).

what happens when you get to the 70s?
Do they mean games where you need to drink as much alcohol as you can? (referenced by SelfModifyingGame) Hmm, as soon as everybody is drunk enough, the rules automagically change? You think these new ways are funnier, and/or you just can't remember the old ones?

hmmm... What's is a peoples mind [Pardon? -- TheEditor]

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