Emlyn Shannon

In honor: Emlyn Shannon passed away on Sunday 14th of December 2003. We will honor his memory and fondly remember him.

If you were a friend, and want to talk please contact us mailto:in_memory_of_emlyn@alphacomplex.info

-- Evan, Alex & Geale


Emlyn was indeed a good friend, and a soul probably not designed for our time. He will be sorely missed by those who took the time to understand this often misunderstood creature. -

Take care buddy. I know that you're watching.

The funeral was on Monday the 22nd of December, at Woronora Cemetery & Crematorium at 1:30.

Many people turned up, it was nice in a horrible way. good bye emlyn, I just hope that there's a peremutation out there that your lived on.


Emlyn's death was tragic.

All our thoughts are with the family to whom we express our deepest condolences.

Emlyn was 22 years old.

Is there a newspaper with an obituary online?

More: http://otherworld.aphid.net/

I am a JavaLanguage programmer, Web developer and author. My particular interests include sociology, economics, philosophy and cute little kittens. They are so cute. Oh, yes they are. Oh, yes they are. Cute little kittens. [Photo?] Do you really want WikiCatPhotos? Alright, but you asked for it:

Come off it - you wrote "kittens" (plural), and that's one cat!

I don't believe ExtremeProgramming is a magic bullet, but I have been known to use UnitTests anyway. Oh, the shame. I generally program (web) content-management or Knowledge-based systems.

Notable Writings

The Language of Chaos: http://otherworld.aphid.net/xaos.html

My Other Wiki

Chronome Multiusersharedhallucination: http://www.seedwiki.com/page.cfm?doc=ChronIsle&wikiid=2200

Email: mailto:emlyn@otherworld.aphid.net

In the (atypical) event that I sign a paragraph as -- EmlynShannon, this should be considered as shorthand for "-- OpenAuthor, EmlynShannon". Most of my contributions are unsigned, but I may write my name to distinguish between one voice and another in an ongoing discussion. If you are engaging me in discussion, bear in mind that I will refactor.


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