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"ErfurtWiki is implemented in the PHP scripting language and fully contained in one script file. It is [intended to be used like] a library and thus allows very quick integration into existing Web sites, because it does not enforce a specific page layout or require you to chose from factory page themes/skins."

Previous Experiences

I am currently using this wiki, and it so far is one of my favorites of the PhpLanguage wikis out there. It is just featureful enough to be extremely funky, without being over-bloated. It is also relatively easy to set up. -- JonathanArkell

The Read Me file for this is the most confusing I have ever read. The config file is even more confusing. They need to make it a little easier to figure out how to install. (March 3, 2004)

I've actually stopped using it as of Early 2004. Each upgrade would cause more bugs, and frequently their TextFormattingRules would change, forcing you to update all of your content. Really annoying. -- JonathanArkell

Try PmWiki. Its foundational TextFormattingRules do not change from release to release. Also, all localized changes are kept in a directory /local that is not affected by upgrades. Plus, you can add your own customization rules and other features in the local configuration. A well conceived tool.

I am a university student and I have big plans: I will write a small WikiEngine as part of my graduation project and I will extend it to use it on my WWW sites. I chose ErfurtWiki as a base because it is PublicDomain and so will not have to worry about licensing etc, but of course I will contribute back bug fixes and perhaps some new features! I wish to thank the authors for providing a PublicDomain script. -- WikifiedCookie

After having worked w/ PhpWiki for a while, I can highly recommend ewiki. Installing is easy, it is very well documented (read the README-file shipped w/ ewiki and not the website), well programmed and very configurable due to its many plugins. Additionally it doesn't force you to use any layout - that's why the ewiki-homesite is intentionally layouted very unattractive. If you don't want a standard install, it'll naturally take some time checking out the well over hundred available plugins. -- ConvertedEwikian?

author response

The early 2004 releases were explicitly announced as experimental ( because of the introduction of a renewed formatting kernel - which still is unfinished. The markup itself did not change, and could be easily customized if it ever would. Besides that ErfurtWiki does even emulate other Wikis markup.

Installation is very simple (unpacking is enough), and the so called config file is just an example. Configuration goes by define()ing constants and include()ing any wanted plugins and extensions. The project only suffers from the TooMuchDocumentation syndrome (a 200K file), but it's not necessary to read that all - only the first paragraphs are interesting for ordinary uses.

One of the major goals was and is extensibility, and the over 150 plugins (grouped into categories) provide exactly that. However one could merge the plugins and core lib (using "cat") into one single script easily, to create a customized ConsumerWiki? script. Also among the unique features, that separate it from other wiki implementations are: disadvantages: It's surely not useful to everyone (it doesn't even try to be), but one of the more interesting alternatives out there. -- MarioSalzer?

Just thought I'd note that we've recently done some refactoring of our documentation as described at -- AndyFundinger?

There is a webinstaller at which works nicely with the basic options.

Hi, I have tried the installer and with slight modifications to index.php it works. It was very pleasant. -- John Willson 04/09/10

Depending on the chosen template you have to modify index.php. The idea of ErfurtWiki is anyhow that you integrate it into an existing design.

Unicode (UTF-8) support works good enough, if you adapt the style sheet to choose a font which displays the characters you want.


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