Essential Unified Process

The EssentialUnifiedProcess (also known as essUp) is related to the RationalUnifiedProcess, but focuses on practices. IvarJacobson is behind it, and the details can be found at his web site:

--DominicCronin - I've worked on projects that claim to use essUp, and at times I have thought it was just a way to dress up WaterFall development in agile clothing. If your experience is different, please share. I'd love to know how to make it actually work.

Did your projects have short, timeboxed iterations ending with the project in a well-known state? I would assume "no". I'm reading this almost straight out of a "mistakes" section of a book on UP. My managers won't do this either. If you take the time to understand the psychological benefits, you might understand why your managers aren't doing it; it directly transfers most of their power to the people below them. --JesseMillikan

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