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A SlashDot side-project which is similar to a wiki in theory, but in practice is used more like a dictionary or encylopedia. There was a smallish limit to the amount of text that can be contained in any given "node". Also thankfully does not rely on RunningWordsTogether to create links. Pioneered other concepts, such as having a set of links from each node, prioritized by how often those links are traversed; so that connections arise out of the browsing itself rather than having to always be explicitly created. Like SlashDot, much of its actual content is worthless.


See also: EverythingTwo

The judgement of value is subjective. A good measure of the worth of content is how many people actually read it. Google ranks by such a system and proves very worth while. If people have invested time and effort to produce content then surely it must be 'worth' something to somebody?

EveryThing ("Everything2") has undergone (and is still undergoing) many changes. The limit to the amount of text in a "writeup" (several writeups constitute a "node") is now much higher, and there are many other technical improvements, but the main difference is that today's E2 (as it is abbreviated) has much higher standards than it used to. There is a user-based rating system whereby users vote on the quality of individual writeups, or award writeups Cool!s. The aim is that users are rewarded for high-quality writing. The reward takes the form of a number, called "XP" (i.e. eXperience Points). When a user has completed a certain number of writeups, they ascend a level. Various levels bestow privileges on the user.

http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node=Everything%20FAQ (may have changed)

Everything2 is an instantiation of a piece of software also known as the EveryThingEngine? which has been used to build various other sites, notably PerlMonks. EveryDevel? is a site devoted to the development of the EveryThingEngine?. The EveryThingEngine? is very general and is geared towards general Web-based content management; however its underlying structure reflects its roots in the original site.



EverythingTwo doesn't allow offsite links, which discourages citing offsite material. This tends to make Everything2 a very large WalledGarden.

A WikiLikeThing.

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