Everything Isa

Some software, languages and models that have HobbyHorses. Decision/Design Models:

RE: TheyMightBeGiants - Perhaps this should be Everything is catching on, everything is catching on fire, everything is catching on, everything is catching on fire.

RE: TheoryOfRelativity? - EverythingIsRelative, except the speed of massless particles in a vacuum--i.e., light--and the laws of physics.
"DocumentObjectModel: everything is a node -- except when it's an attribute."

No, attributes are nodes too... getting attribute values directly from an element node is just a shortcut.
"WhatIsXmlAnyway: everything is a hierarchy of elements -- except when they are attributes, or PIs, etc."

Uh... attributes, PIs, comments, CDATA, etc. are still stored hierarchically; it's your fault for saying "of elements".
So: WhatIsXmlAnyway: everything is a hierarchy.
AdaLanguage and CeePlusPlus: Everything is in there... somewhere.
See: BigIdea, YinYangVersusSinglism

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