Extra Legs Ontoa Dog

It has often been said that CeePlusPlus is "an octopus made by nailing extra legs onto a dog" (coined by SteveTaylor). Of course, that analogy can be extended to other languages as well.

Really, should be renamed into "An Octopus made by..." or something similar.

So, here is "how other languages became ObjectOriented octopi":

An octopus made by...

CeeLanguage CeePlusPlus JavaLanguage DotNetPlatform DeeLanguage BasicLanguage ObjectiveCee CommonLisp SchemeLanguage PythonLanguage PerlLanguage HaskellLanguage AssemblyLanguage ErlangLanguage DylanLanguage BooLanguage SmalltalkLanguage SelfLanguage NewtonScript AppleScript JavaScript PickLanguage RubyLanguage PascalLanguage, ModulaTwo, OberonLanguage DelphiLanguage, TurboPascal, ComponentPascal MlLanguage OcamlLanguage SimulaLanguage LuaLanguage ToolCommandLanguage MopsLanguage PrologLanguage ForthLanguage
         DOG @ OCTOPUS !
ColorForth CommonObjectRequestBrokerArchitecture EnterpriseServiceBus IntercalLanguage? AdaLanguage ScalaLanguage InformLanguage PhpLanguage
See also LanguageAsFoodMetaphor and LanguagesAreLikeGames for similar silliness.

This page certainly serves as evidence that some programmers have a poor sense of humor, and no idea when to stop. Most of the above are neither funny nor informative. - So it's true! Programmers are human beings after all!

I'm not sure how I could inform someone about a language using this kind of joke. As for humor, well, that's heavily subjective. I do especially like the Scheme one.

I got some quite heavy laughs from this. So it is funny. Probably not for everyone.

Agreed with above. Extremely humorous. But then, I suppose there's no accounting for taste.

The above about PhpLanguage was spot on.

Grammatically correct and articulate unfunniness delivered with relentless verbosity. This article is an example of what occasionally ensues when AspergersSyndrome and humor coincide.

Assuming it was all written at once by one person. Highly unlikely. More likely it just goes to show that even the Aspie in all of us likes a little bit of an outing now and then.

The edit log shows that it has been edited more than 40 times over the eight years since it was first invented. More than one mind is involved.
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