Extreme Open Business

This page is currently developed on its TwinPage at MeatballWiki.

As in this wiki (due to its history) there are probably a lot of XP savvy people, they are invited to join the OpenProcess at Meatball.

ExtremeOpenBusiness is a community process, where not only all involved resources, but also the business processes are made open and transparent, involving all actors, constantly embracing change, always showing results from the start on.

Think of it as an interactive Reality TV show, with an OpenInvitationToParticipate.

The principles of ExtremeOpenBusiness are inspired by ExtremeProgramming; actually, they are a generalization of XP (these claims are elaborated on the go by starting with some initial tests).

-- FridemarPache


 http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?ExtremeOpenBusiness (for tempory twinning the involved pages)

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