Extreme Politics


Ahh politics, well if there are any that read this and are wanting something for the good of mankind to write have a look at http://advogato.org/article/188.html

I thought political machines already used XP. I mean they just do everything off the cuff anyway.

It's hard to see ExtremeProgramming used for politics, under the definition that politics is how we determine policy. XP doesn't lead, it follows. It specifically divorces itself from determining what is the right thing for the program to do by saying that "whatever the customer asks for is the right thing to do, until she changes her mind". It turns policy into code, in much the same way that police forces enforce the policies of a government.

-- RobMandeville

Rob's thought above would lead us to a possible ExtremePolitics solution, except that politics suffers in this regard from not being testable. If political solutions were testable, you could develop a solution based on what the customer (constituent, lobbyist, etc.) asks for. You could then test it, and implement or not based on the results. It would solve a lot of problems and produce some others ... - RjLesch

I thought that a political process was tested every time an election is held. Of course it is a totaly un-modular test, equivalent to a TakeItOrLeaveIt on a whole system. Maybe ExtremePolitics should do away with the single general election and have module based elections. Then we could have one party in charge of law and order, another for the environment and another for welfare etc.... CjB

"The problem with political jokes is that they get elected."

Under this title one might expect also to see:

The politics one must endure or secure in order to carry out a planned endeavour in an environment filled with positioning and blame and glory shifting.

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