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And, yes, I can read verbose code fast.

Do you feel it's an inborn trait, or something you practiced? Some people just seem to have the ability to stare at a screen and immediately spot stuff in text. I'm primarily a visual thinker, and characters are not visual enough for my physiology to process fast.

I don't know whether it's an inborn trait or not, but it's certainly something I've practised. I am one of those who can stare at a screen and immediately spot stuff in text. It's a source of some bafflement for my students how I can glance at a full page of essay text and instantly spot a spelling mistake, glance at a screen of code and find errors that the developer has been struggling with for hours, or grade a thirty-page dissertation in a few minutes and discuss its contents in considerable depth. I read a lot -- that's probably what does it.

I used to read a lot, but it didn't seem to improve non-linear inspection of text for me. If anything, my eyes got a little tired over the years and my eye muscles wear out sooner in the day, taking my eyeballs longer to focus/point. Maybe in my re-incarnation I'll ask for an upgrade to my vision bus or pre-processor. Maybe in 20 years they can plug directly into my brain. I'm sure my fingers and eyes will be completely shot by then. They show signs of wear now.

Indeed. I forgot to mention: My visual/cognitive processing is probably different from yours because I'm not human.

First we had to compete with 3rd-world-wage educated labor, and now The Grays.

At least you solved FermiParadox.

I don't really look like that. That's our old-style space helmet...

...for our pets.

That's going to make for some rather attention-getting roadkill.
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