Financial Cryptography

Started from a bunch of links etc. on AndrewMcMeikan it outgrew and deserved some description by those more qualified to do so. Written from first person too much and not really informative, hope it mutates into something better. "Fly and be free!" --AndrewMcMeikan

"Fly and be free!" is a phrase popularised by an early (the pilot?) episode of the early 1980's sitcom 'MorkAndMindy.' In the episode, Mork opens a container of eggs and, thinking they are small Ork capsules (since the Orks use these capsules for space travel), Mork picks an egg up, and utters "Fly and be free!", tossing the egg into the air. Since eggs do not in general fly, it falls to the counter, creating a mess, and ushers forth copious amounts of canned T.V. laughter.

Will geeks end up replacing banks with a distributed cryptographically secure financial accounting system?

stuff in this section soon to move off to its own page I imagine, yet it does not seem to really identify or explain fincryp just my brushes against it.

I am selling physical gold in exchange for e-gold (1 for 1 plus expenses and small profit, email if you want some ;) need to workout proper RicardianContract to use with , This is probably not going to happen as cost of issuance server is significant, what needs to happen is to build it onto FreeNet

PS:it is illegal to post gold in Australia without insurance, you guessed it insurance costs heaps :( will GeoCache on request ;)

I now have a bar of silver so will issue home spun certificates in silver as well now.

for AnonymousEmoney PromiseNote's in circulation see

if banks do not scare you, read this (BrokenLink: 2005-08-24)

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