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-- EricSegui

The link above does not work. How should I get FPWiki?

I've posted source code for it here: http://staff.washington.rttfredu/lant/fpwiki/

My version is slightly modified from the original, I cleaned up the SQL syntax for use with a MSSQL database rather than the MDB. I've also modified it to support inserting IMG tags to external images within the editor, and to use AUTH_USER when available for denoting who edited pages. I've included the original source file and MDB as well.

It's not the most perfect wiki, but given our MS/IIS environment it was one of the simplest to set up, and hasn't given us too many problems other than the below-mentioned importing of word formatting, etc. Putting it on a SQL backend definitely improved our performance.

And if you want ASPWiki:

I look after Legions Folk Club site. The version of FPWiki used has been heavily tweaked and runs against SQL Server. The original FPWiki code credits ASPWiki at http://www6.brinkster.com/dpchiesa/. It looks like that site is still around and has a downloadable source.


I am running fpwiki successfully after using frontpage to install it. The one problem is that my students have been pasting colored text and images from microsoft word (which works), but it makes the database get huge. I have like 20 small pages, and the DB is 8mb. It has to load this 8mb every time you come to the frontpage. Any ideas on how to prune the extraneous microsoft coding out of the database? -- ag 3-2-2004

I suggest this page be renamed something like FrontPageWiki?. Every time I see FpWiki, I assume it's a wiki either written in or about FunctionalProgramming.

Or a wiki written by FridemarPache.

Fpwiki is indeed MicrosoftFrontpage?-friendly and easy to setup on a remote server, but what sense does a wiki have that requires exactly one special browser, and even worse, one which is only available for exactly one platform? If it would support a cross-platform browser like Opera or Mozilla maybe we could live with this, but an IE-only wiki is absolutely useless, IHMO. -- AgonBuchholz 2003-01-07

I don't agree. It works great for our internal use. You DO realize most people use IE, don't you? -- Ajiau 2003-03-21

You DO realize that your comment is completely anti-Wiki, don't you?

I am not using IE for 5 years, so I agree with being pretty much useless - Osi 2008-07-30

WikiGettingStartedFaq Q: So what is this Wiki thing? A: A collection of Web pages which can be edited by anyone, at any time, from anywhere.

It might not be completely in the spirit of Wiki but there are very few Wikis out there which run on an MS network, and whatever your preference for OS, you probably find MS at your office. So I appreciate being able to use a Wiki that's ASP and I can run on our IIS machine, log NT users (with a little hack) rather than IP addresses, and allow me to use a Wiki for an internal "knowledge base" at work. -- Jon 2004-10-20

I've a problem. My images dont work ( are not shown as images but as normal url links.) Can you help me about it? thanks! ________________________

This does not work properly when ported to MySQL

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