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I am a software developer at JTeam Amsterdam. I have a master in CS from the University of Twente in TheNetherlands with a major in SoftwareEngineering. I am interested in SoftwareArchitecture, ExtremeProgramming, DomainModelling. It seems that SoftwareArchitecture is a topic that is sometimes frowned upon, especially in the context of AgileMethods. Being a pragmatist, I like to learn, adopt, and adapt various approaches. This wiki will be a great place to discuss the different perspectives and learn.

Hi there. Yes, SoftwareArchitecture is sometimes frowned upon and traditionally this wiki had an XP bias, and it is not frowned upon without some reason, including the fact that it is yet a not clearly defined concept and as a discipline within SE, it is still muddled by publications in a logorheic/CMM/SEI style that talk vague generalities, no mathematics, and little code (ArchitectsDontCode). It's also because a non-trivial portion of software projects out there don't actually need a software architecture / or full time software architect on the job yet they do have these and sometimes they enter into conflict with developers who naturally tend to be more on the agile side of things.

I've tried to present a more balanced perspective from a practitioner's point of view in SoftwareArchitectureExplained, you're welcome to contribute. Be patient, though, architecture is not a topic that's high on people's priority list, but you may also have surprises. --CostinCozianu


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