Front Page Express

A WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet HypertextMarkupLanguage Editor developed by MicrosoftCorporation (usually confused with MicrosoftFrontPage, a web-site management tool).

You can get Frontpage Express for free if you download MicrosoftInternetExplorer and check the box to get it also. Pages written with Frontpage Express are easy to spot (on non-Windows machines). Frontpage Express generates AlmostCorrect HTML, where e.g. a window's character code for the <<'>> is used, instead of the correct AsciiCode. As a result, web-pages written with Frontpage Express and displayed in non-Microsoft browsers show question-marks instead of <<'>>. So words like "it's" become "it?s" when written with Frontpage Express.

[That's not entirely true. Both MicrosoftFrontPage and FrontPageExpress will use Windows-specific character codes when you import documents. It doesn't use the Windows-specific character codes when you are typing new documents. -- JohnPassaniti]

Check out the DemoroniserTool, which corrects this and other obvious standard violations in FrontPageExpress-generated HTML.

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