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Dead serious? Surely "Hammer's Slammers" is comedy.

Really? You must have had a great laugh at "The Tank Lords," the best, and most intense, short story I have ever read, by any author, on any subject, in any genre.

Really, but I am using that word in the classical sense. I'm not sure I remember "The Tank Lords", but what I have seen of Drake is basic military porn, it may even be better than much SF but few examples in the genre transcend its limitations; it may not be intentionally comedic but flat characterization, reliance on stereotype, and general lack of depth make it so. I am willing to believe I have missed writing of a different character, as the few stories of his I have read didn't lead me to explore him more. That was a long time ago, so without looking I couldn't tell you individual titles.

How unfortunate then that you never took a look at the "Cluster Command" series of interlinked novels. These three novels tell the same simultaneous story from three different perspectives, with complete and full characterizations that rival the works of Zahn and Clarke. Intense storytelling that can't be pigeonholed as "SF" just because the story occurs a millennium or so and a few dozen light-years away from the here-and-now.

And by the way, nobody with two brain cells to rub together could possibly have read "The Tank Lords" and be able to forget it. You haven't read the thing.
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