Gaston Nusimovich

Gaston is an Industrial Engineer, with some 20 years of expertise doing the SoftwareDevelopment Game.

He lives and works in Argentina, for Major International IT Consulting Company.

Some highlights:

Mid-1977-mid-1978: High School Senior year in Vernon, CT, USA.

1980-1985: Industrial Engineering studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

January-1987: while on a leisure & business trip in the States, attends a Smalltalk Conference by AlanKay in SanFrancisco.

1989: while working at BigEight? Consulting Company, does some self-study courses on Smalltalk programming (Smalltalk/V by Digitalk), OO Analysis&Design. Deep immersion into HighCeremonyMethod methodologies and processes (Method/1).

1990-1992: works for the local representative of Borland Intl. as a SystemsEngineer?. Lots of study with Borland material on C++, OO design and architecture, first contacts with OMT and Booch method, first contact with WardAndKent's paper on CrcCards.

1994: reads IvarJacobson book on OOSE and UseCases.

1997-2001: participates in big ERP project for Major International Oil Company, including some OO projects in VisualBasic. While doing some research on UseCases for this project (1999), bumps into AlistairCockburn's work on Use Cases and methodologies. Alistair's material leads to do research on C3 project and ExtremeProgramming.

2001: Leads Datawarehouse software project for Major International Leather Products Manufacturer. Gaston applies XP on this project.

Mid 2002-Mid 2003: Leads Functional Analysis Team on .NET software project (custom cost accounting system) for Major International Steel Company. Teams with fellow XP practitioner, FrancoCeruti?, to use XP on this project.

Mid-2003-2005: Applies XP on many software projects (.NET) for Major International Pharmaceutical Company. Starts to use (2004) NUnit, FIT and NAnt for TDD and ContinuousIntegration.


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