Gecko Engine

The Gecko Engine is a HTML rendering engine that converts HTML directives with their associated digital objects into viewable Web pages. It is used in many popular Web browsers, including NetscapeNavigator, MozillaBrowser and GaleonBrowser.

The Gecko engine, I can say with some confidence as Web designer and some-time contributer, has bugs, but in the event that a page does not render correctly in Gecko but does in InternetExplorer, the problem is orders of magnitude more likely to be something other than a bug in Gecko. Most likely is that Gecko refuses to recognise mangled HTML that IE attempts to fix, or that Gecko implements CascadingStyleSheets directives in the WorldWideWebConsortium-approved way, whereas IE is always doing its own thing. -- EmlynShannon
Mozilla Firefox is the latest Gecko-based browser. To install:
There's been a mass exodus away from Gecko in third party browsers, mainly due to its size I suspect. EpiphanyBrowser is now based on WebKit?, along with most new browsers. Galeon is dead.

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