Genome Topographer

MoiraMallison is one of the developers of GenomeTopographer.

The next phase of the HumanGenomeProject? is likely to be characterized by the availability of significant amounts of information well suited to meet the challenges in the study of complex human genetic diseases. It is our thesis that gene finding and functional analysis can be greatly accelerated by:
  1. the representation of relevant data in a simple, reproducible and integrated manner,
  2. facilitating the flow of such data from small, hypothesis driven research labs and large genome centers, and
  3. empowering biologists with "UserFriendly", but technically powerful, tools for computer-aided interpretation of the data.

Genome Topographer (GT) is a genome informatics system implemented using SmalltalkLanguage and GemStone (GemstoneProject). It provides the ability to gather and merge highly detailed genetic, molecular and biochemical data from the major genome centers, public databases, and the scientific literature. At OOPSLA95, we demonstrated the use of an active, object-oriented DBMS to:
  1. provide a user interface within GT to query, browse or import selected data from the National Center for Biotechnology Information database, and
  2. integrate existing computational biology tools, executing asynchronously on a remote server.

This page is very stale. I'm not sure that any of this has more than historical interest in mid-2006.

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