Geometric Algebra For Physicists

Geometric Algebra For Physicists by Chris Doran and Anthony Lasenby 2003 ISBN 0521480221 .

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Geometric Algebra research group at Cambridge University says "The most complete introduction to the subject" (one would hope they think so, since the authors are members of that group :-)

This is a very good text to get to grips with CliffordAlgebra and explains the connection to ComplexNumbers and QuaternionMathematics. Don't let the title put you off. -- JohnFletcher
There is a section in this book (Chapter 12) which makes a connection to the Lagrange and Hamiltonian formulation of mechanics and goes on to generalise it. The Euler-Lagrange equations are shown to apply not only to vector variables but multivector variables as well. This is also known as the Calculus of Variations. -- JohnFletcher
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