Georges Perec

French writer, member of the OuLiPo : Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle, or "Workshop for Potential Literature".

The creation of an English-language OuLiPo would be a great boon to international lovers of wordplay; the original OuLiPo writers were hackers at heart rather than "mere" writers, daytrippers though the twisty space of little mazes, all alike, in TheLibraryOfBabel; the works of such a signal author as Racter were definitely in an OuLiPo tradition.

The OuLiPo or something very much like it still exists to this day. Its "official" Web site appears to be defunct, but a close cousin appears to live on at

Pérec (or Perec, the accent was a BigDeal? to him) was a master of the clinamen, which is (or perhaps isn't) a form of WabiSabi.

Loved to play with words; wrote an entire book without using the letter "e", La Disparition. Another using only the vowel "e", Les revenentes. And a 5000-word palindrome...

Wrote an introduction to the GameOfGo, the first original work on Go in French.

There is at least one attempt to create a collaborative piece of online literature in the spirit of OuLiPo at

Fan sites, in French : In English : WikiZen trivia : GeorgesPerec was at one time a CoWorker? with LaurentBossavit's mother.

Other OuLiPo writers have included RaymondQueneau, JacquesRoubaud?.

Fans on the WikiPerec? :

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