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If I had a WikiWish

for MathQuizOne, I know the following:

Q3/Task2 is accomplishable. Almost too easy, once you play with it. I hope I'm not going to be slammed by vk for hinting about it, but at least you didn't see it on the main page.

If that's too easy, doubtless you'll enjoy the rest of quiz 1, 2, 3...

I don't think Q3/Task1 is accomplishable. If I had a zero, it would be accomplishable multifold. I don't know enough about Q3/T3 to make a judgment. Based upon the graph, the short answer is almost probably yes, though I cannot prove it. Can you help me?

What happened to "too easy"? :-) The person to ask for clarifications would be the quiz author, VickiKerr. She decides on a question-by-question basis whether answering would be simply clarifying versus giving it away.

I don't know how to respond to that statement. I didn't think I was asking for clarification more than someone who would like to collaborate on an answer. "Too easy" was definitely in response to Task 2 of question 3, but not for the whole of Question3 -- GeraldYoung

I was just kidding around, it didn't mean anything. That's why smiley-faces were invented, after all. Anyway the key thing is to ask VickiKerr -- you can be sure she can answer your questions accurately.

this comment deleted -- GeraldYoung

Correct answers seem quite easy - once you've discovered them! I'll allow you a further week from today (June 30). -- vk

uh. I was just thinking about the period of Task 3... --gy

--- Gerald Ref MathQuizOne I cannot trade notes. I submitted formally and was told where I'd made an error in one of them sorry. They aren't hard if you are extremely careful though AndrewCates

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