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A GoodPair is a pair that works well together for whatever reason. The causes of forming and maintaining a GoodPair is of interest to anyone interested in adopting PairProgramming. It can be argued that some necessary conditions include good communication, mutual respect for each others opinions, and not holding onto grudges.

Some believe that it is mandatory to PairPromiscuously, but CornFieldEffect suggests that WardAndKent work better together than separately. This provides at least one counter-argument to saying that you must PairPromiscuously, and points out the benefits of leaving good pairs alone for extended times.

The best pair is

That just leads to two people who either kill each other, or simply write the same code as a Solo coder would.

While a GoodPair that remains together for extended periods of time may become like a married couple do married couples think the same? So it is highly unlikely that the GoodPair will lead to two programmers writing code the same way a single programmer would.

But see HowToPissOffYourPair, for other strategies to encourage less pairing at your workplace.


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